The Art of Indie Business

With predictable regularity, debate has come up again on the viability of indie business in the modern App Store. Brent Simmons got the ball rolling in a post called ’Love’. What followed were more blog posts about how the App Store is rigged against us.

This is the Apple I love

I have a confession to make: I don’t want Apple to make an iWatch.

Ever since Apple released the iPad, the hype-oriented press has been clamouring for the next big thing. At first we were to believe Apple would conquer the living room. …

Design as a differentiator

After reading about struggling Indie developers for basically all week, I should try to get something written down into more than a 140 characters. (In case you missed it, read the last week of posts on

Making Sketch Faster

Earlier today we at Bohemian Coding released Sketch 2.3 to the world. This has been an interesting release for us. It's mostly a maintenance update and looking back its strange how long it actually took us to get it out. …

Un-initialised Local Variables

I ran into a major problem recently where my normal builds were running fine, but my archived version exhibited a gigantic bug. After some digging I found that the problem was related to something like the code below.

Sparrow and Pricing Strategies

I know I'm late to the entire Sparrow debate, but I do have one or two things to add that I didn't have time to write down before.

It concerns a few things that David Barnard of AppCubby wrote in his blog post

The dumbing down of Trucks

This post is about PCs in a post-PC and sandboxed world.   To start it off, let's revisit an often-repeated analogy:

“I’m trying to think of a good analogy. When we were an agrarian nation, all cars were trucks. …

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